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    Oro Gold Standard Group, A HIGHER standard for Real Estate

    In today’s day and age chances are you know countless realtors and are bombarded with catchy marketing techniques and slogans.  Unfortunately, we hear all too often stories about others who have used realtors because they SEEMED “cool” or SEEMED experienced, only to discover that they were not.  I share this NOT to criticize others but to share what I have been told by my friends and clients in order to encourage you to take the time to get to KNOW the facts.  Orlando and I have a passion to help others and because of this, we go take it upon ourselves to walk alongside our clients every step of the way.  When buying and selling property there are many uncertainties.  It is important that you are informed properly in order to make the best decisions and minimize obstacles.  We are here to serve YOU, not our own selfish interest.  We focus on our clients NOT money, the money is secondary- we know that if we do our BEST to serve our clients (this includes helping them decide whether it is best NOT to buy or sell) then we have done our job well.

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    You can check out the majority of available listings in the area by entering your criteria in the white search box at the top.  Once you have found a home that you would like to see, please feel very free to call me so that we can schedule an appointment to view the home and to determine the next steps toward moving into your beautiful new home!